Sunday School Servants Development Program

During Each monthly meeting of Sunday School servants (held the Third Wednesday of each month 7:00 – 8:30 PM) we will be undertaking a series of studies to develop our spiritual lives and deepen our faith and knowledge. This year we will be studying the First & Second letter of St Paul to St Timothy. As well we will be studying two important books by His Holiness Pope Shenouda III about service. The first is:

“How to Deal With Children”

and the second is


“Spiritual Ministry”

Each meeting different people will summarise set chapters and lead a discussion about the books.

Download the Books and the first bible study in chapter 1 of 1st Timothy, complete the questions and come and join the Discussion.


Each Saturday from 4 to 5 PM a discipleship program is being rum for Year 10 students and above. The Topics to be covered over the next few weeks include

  • Comparative Theology: What different world Religions believe and how that differs from Christianity
  • Introduction to the Old and New Testament: How our bible works
  • Child Psychology and Development: The different stages of child development and how to understand and deal with different age groups.